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The ALEXA VON SUESS collection started with "wabi-sabi," a Japanese philosophy that embraces imperfections + sees beauty in transience. Each piece focuses on that beauty - whether it's the touch of the maker's hand, a rust or patina, or the natural inclusions in stone, which, in their essence are always "imperfect."


Our adornments are handmade in a small studio on the east end of Long Island, New York by GIA accredited goldsmith Alexa Von Suess. We use recycled sterling + gold, unusual earth-mined stones, heirloom diamonds, and whatever else captivates us.

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We believe that the form and function of your unique piece comes before all else. History states that your engagement ring must be a certain stone, cut, color, and price. But we believe each and every ring should be as unique as your love for your partner - regardless of tradition. 

Our specialties lie in alternative central stones such as salt and pepper diamonds, grey diamonds, champagne diamonds, moissanite, morganite, quartz, and sapphire. We frequently work with clients who shy away from the conventional and take a creative and nuanced approach. Step by step, we'll work with you to design a ring that will perfectly reflect your partner's unique aesthetic and lifestyle.


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